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Welcome to the premier resource and source for Western Blot reagents and products we look forward to having the opportunity to speak with you, feel free to call our offices and one of our agents would be happy to connect and speak to you regarding your specific issues. As a service to our colleagues, we have taken the time to assemble a Free Guide to Western Blotting in which you will see a detailed description and overview of each stage of Western blotting, including a troubleshooting guide to assist you with the myriad of issues that can arise at every step of the experimentation process. The guide includes many charts, graphs and figures that will assist researchers in conducting better experimentation.

Protein and Nucleic acids clean up and sample preparation
Multicolor fluorescent detection for Western blotting.
High performance and quantitative chemiluminescent.


Solution for a faultless resolution

Western Blot Reagents is an innovation-driven company dedicated to provide you the best in the field of Western blot analysis. We offer you the complete solution for an accurate, convenient, effortless and fast Western experiment.

Western blotting is the conventional method for extraction and detection of proteins and has numerous applications in several fields. Determination of the quantity and quality of proteins is very important for many a decisive application. The success of this method relies on the reagents to a large extent. We at Western Blot Reagents fathom the significance of this and have specially formulated our reagents for high quality performance and reproducible meaningful results. Focus has been on providing high resolution to ascertain the size, quantity and quality of the bio-molecule. Care is also taken about the convenience of usage.

We have an extensive catalogue of superior quality, versatile products for Purification and clean up of samples, Chemiluminescence detection and Multicolor Fluorescence detection. They are designed for the sensitive visualization of the target molecule with a very high resolution in Western blot applications. The versatility in its function makes these products suitable for any quantitative and qualitative assessments.

Purification of nucleic acids

One of the essential pre-requisite for a successful application of DNA and protein extraction is the purity of the molecule. High-quality, purified bio-molecules ensure the success of the experiment. Successful purification of these compounds depends on the technique and the reagents used. Efficient purification and clean up requires products that are optimized for high performance to improve the yield and to reduce the time consumed.

Western Blot Reagents has a wide array of accessories for efficient and uncomplicated purification of nucleic acids and proteins for all downstream applications. These high-performance reagents are optimized for an effective recovery of the bio-molecule. They are designed to expel the contaminants efficiently and to provide the purest sample for all purposes. Simultaneous processing of samples will save your time, effort and money considerably. Further, you get a concentrated sample for loading in no time!

Choose from the diverse range of products given below to know more about these products

Rapid Clean

Rapid Clean is optimized for a quick extraction and clean-up of nucleic acids without the use of harmful components.

  • Efficient removal of proteinaceous impurities
  • Quick protocol
  • High nucleic acid recovery rate

Afyon SDS-PAGE Sample Preparation Kit

This kit is the ideal choice for the preparation of concentrated protein samples for SDS-PAGE

  • Effective recovery of protein samples
  • Quick elimination of contaminants
  • Parallel processing of samples

Fluorescence Detection

Fluorescence detection of bands has the advantage of saving time and reducing wastage of chemicals as is the case with other detection methods. The earlier techniques for fluorescence detection failed to gather popularity either due to its lack of sensitivity and because of the cost factor. Though not as popular as chemiluminescent process, fluorescence detection methods have the benefit of saving time by allowing multiple assays in the same blot without the need for re-probing.

Western Blot Reagents offer you an exceptional quality assemblage of products for visualizing the bands in the Western blots through fluorescence detection. These products are designed to provide a more reliable differential analysis in a cost effective way. They bring you the best features for an efficient and easy Western experiment. Western Blot Reagents have developed a new fluorescent blotting protocol that will provide you the best results without squandering your precious time. The bright fluorescent- dye- conjugates will generate an intense signal with a very high detection sensitivity that is unequalled. Multiple protein detection in a single blot makes it more economical and provides a more comparative quantitative assessment.

WesternBright MCF Kit

Western Bright MCF kit has the appropriate collection of accessories for Western blot. In addition to other inclusions, the kit contains antibodies conjugated to bright fluorescent dyes that provide very high sensitivity coupled with luminous signals.

  • Multicolor fluorescent detection
  • High detection sensitivity
  • Intense, long duration signals
  • Quality results within a short time

Chemiluminescence detection

Chemiluminescence is the conventional method for detecting bands in Western blot experiments. But it is not very effective in quantitative assessments because of the confined range of detection by film and substrates. To overcome these limitations we need products that are specifically designed for quantitative assessment of proteins through chemiluminescence detection.

Western Blot Reagents offers you a large choice of substrates for chemiluminescence visualization. We provide the best assemblage for conducting highly sensitive Western blots for different types of quantitative assessments. With specifically designed chemiluminescent substrates, these products are sure to reduce your time and effort in getting the most accurate results. They can be used for visualization on films or on a CCD imager. Whether it is a conventional analysis, or a customized quantitative assessment, these HRP substrates will ensure successful application. They have the ability to sustain the substrate level at different concentrations of proteins thus increasing the linear range of detection. Western Blot Reagents provides you the key features like sensitive detection, strong long lasting signals, wide range of linearity and precision that is unmatched by any other substrates in the market. Coupled to this, the ease with which it can be used definitely makes it the ideal choice for any of your Western experiments.

Choose from the diverse range of products given below to know more about these products

WesternBright ECL

Western Bright ECL provides a strong, long lasting signal using minimal amount of sample and antibodies.

  • Robust, long lasting signal
  • Accuracy in quantification
  • Minimal usage of sample and antibody for detection

WesternBright Quantum

Western Bright Quantum is optimized for CCD imaging. With its high sensitivity, low background noise, enduring signals, adaptability and quantitative ability, it becomes the apt choice for quantitative assessment of proteins.

  • Ideal for CCD imaging
  • Wide range of detection
  • Suitable for quantitative assessments
  • Strong incessant signal with low background

WesternBright Sirius

Western Bright Sirius produces a strong and accurate signal ensuring unobscured visualization of the different bands.

  • Strong quantitative signal
  • Accurate data analysis
  • Clear distinctive bands

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