Buffers And Solutions

AdvanBlock-PF Blocking Solution

Excellent Blocking Solution for Western Blotting

Prior to detection of proteins, the free binding surface on a transfer membrane in a Western blot should be blocked to prevent non-specific binding of antibodies. Generally a protein that does not have an affinity to the sample protein is used for blocking the surface. The choice of the blocking solution is very crucial for a successful blot.

Advansta presents AdvanBlock-PF, a blocking solution without protein, for different Western blot applications. It gives the best result when used in association with WesternBright MCF fluorescent Kit. This versatile product can be used for both fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection methods. It is very quick in action and also increases the stability of luminescence of the bound conjugates in WesternBright MCF secondary antibodies. If your primary antibody has a high affinity to protein blockers like BSA or casein and leads to cross-reactivity, this is the ideal solution. AdvanBlock-PF minimizes the background noise to provide results with greater sensitivity. In the event that a protein-based blocking agent is essential, as in the case of some primary antibodies, protein sources like BSA or non-fat milk can be mixed with AdvanBlock-PF to dilute the antibody. It is available commercially as a 5x concentrated solution.


  • Protein-free solution  that reduces background noise and increases signal intensity
  • Provides a better resolution even with certain low-quality primary antibodies
  • Increases the stability of the fluorescence  of the secondary antibody conjugates in WesternBright MCF

Useful in both chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection methods


AdvanWash Washing Solution

Washing Solution for Western Blots

Advansta presents an ideal solution for a stress free Western blot by introducing a wash buffer for different blotting experiments. This product is best used with WesternBright reagents for quality results. Appropriate for any Western blotting experiment, this washing solution is available as a 10x concentrate solution. It is suitable for a variety of blotting detection methods like chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection.  AdvanWash solution is suitable for use with different antibodies as well. They work well with HRP substrates for chemiluminescence by WesternBright. It is also ideal for use with WesternBright fluorescent blotting kit.


Avant Buffer Pouches

Easy to use, pre-made buffer pouches for electrophoretic applications

Avant buffer pouches, Advansta’s pre-made buffer preparations are a convenient product for any electrophoretic application. They facilitate calibration of solutions with ease. It helps to standardize the electrophoretic reagents in no time. Just mix the contents of one pouch in 500 ml of deionized water to make 1x buffer solution. This requires no additional preparations. Buffers are provided in convenient pouches and this eliminates the problem of preparation and storage. Avant buffer pouches are ideal for preparing quality buffer solutions with purity. Since the buffer is prepared by simply dissolving the contents of the pouch, it can save your precious time and effort. Moreover, Avant buffer pouches provide consistent and reliable results in any application. These are optimized for high performance in electrophoresis and Western blots. You can choose from range of products in our catalogue to suit your needs. Advansta offers this time-saving buffer pouch for consistent standardized results in the lab.


  • Superior Quality: high quality buffers for use in electrophoretic applications
  • Easy to use: pre-made powder to be mixed for making
  • Rapid preparation: just dissolve the contents in water to make the buffer
  • Consistent results: standard solution for high quality results in Western blots and electrophoresis


Dissolve the entire content of a pouch in 500ml of purified water to obtain 1x working buffer.

  • R-01036 (TGS):  25mM Tris, 192mM Glycine, 0.1% SDS, pH~8.6
  • R-01037 (TG):     25mM Tris, 192mM Glycine, pH~8.6
  • R-01038 (PBS):  150mM Sodium Chloride, 10mM Sodium Phosphate, pH~7.2
  • R-01039 (TBS):  150mM Sodium Chloride, 25mM Tris-HCl, pH~7.2

High quality Western blotting products